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No prob. I was doubting my memory of the Amistad report, and cannot open the doc on my device right now. But then you posted the press conference link with his creepy android face.

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They know what’s coming. This is what Andrew Breitbart called “a controlled explosion”. When you know you can’t keep something covered up or hidden much longer, get out ahead of the exposure of what you did by framing your own narrative first and get that narrative launched to be accepted as the truth.

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Amazing, isn’t it? After 4 months of “ Rigged election? WHAT rigged election, you lunatics?!? Trump is CRAZY to say this was a rigged election and so are you!”

to: “Well DUH! Of course a powerful cabal of people rigged this election, you idiots! They had to ensure the world was saved from that lunatic Donald Trump! BUT DON’T YOU DARE SAY THIS WAS A STOLEN ELECTION! Biden won with 81 million votes, stop saying millions of fake votes were created for him, that’s just a wild conspiracy theory!”

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Fauci Spins His Handy 'Wheel Of Science' To See What He Should Recommend Today

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**The Wall & Border Checkpoints
**Powerful Optical Cameras staged to cover & direct interdiction Units
**Roving ATV & Dog Patrols
**Interdiction & Detainment Units.
& Trump's most effective part of the Wall=THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT.
CCP Joe is sunk. Those layered security zones ARE STILL THERE.
Mexico has partnered in self interest.
The Cartels have been reduced to stealing oil to make $$$.
I don't think Biden will have TIME to reverse all of this.

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@ThomasWic @Chotiari
"True individuals are HATED." Thomas Wictor.

The MOB, Left or Right demand conformity & that you wash yourself in total agreement with their mediocrity.

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Remember that line from THE DARK KNIGHT?
Joker=You've CHANGED things!
Trump has changed US for the better!
He's made changes they cannot undo, period.
Everything they are now doing is arranging deck chairs on a sinking Behemoth they invested EVERYTHING ABUSE & RULE us.
Their intentions were ALWAYS bad.
& Now Trump's exposed ALL OF IT.
"B-but he's been DEFEATED!!
Has he?
Look at US.
We will be his Legacy.

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Good Morning!

Last night I released v0.10.10 which includes many improvements including #my2020!

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Possible thread

On Natural Killer Cells in humans.

I'm tired, so no clue how much I feel like threading, but I have adored and been mesmerized by this subject for 30 years, so...

Natural killer cells are a highly fascinating part of our human white blood cell family in fighting disease - a system that was (I believe) tacked onto our body health biochemistry by our Maker, well... IMO, as in all other systems.

Natural killer cells are the Seals, Rangers, elite, etc. of our systems.

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You make your money on about three days out of the trading year.


What I do is invest in diversified closed-end mutual funds, which are similar to stocks in that shares are bought and sold.

They just not as volatile.

My strategy is buy and hold, which is the only one that works.

The investors who make craploads of money through risky strategies ALWAYS LOSE IT.

The stock market is the only place where you can make your money grow. That's why I'm in it.

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If I'm right, he's not GOING TO do something.


That's why he can afford to wait.

Since people don't even grasp the significance of Trump getting his landslide, I see no reason to talk about what Trump almost certainly did to defeat the election theft.

People would simply argue with me.

And I'm not going to give the enemy a head's up.

This place is watched.

So let them sweat it out.


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You have an apparently bottomless supply of pessimism, but it's pessimism based on taking everything at face value.

Given that the election theft would be the easiest thing in the world to prove, and that global geopolitics would change instantly if it were to be exposed, AND given that Trump never backs down from a fight...

I'd say that Trump himself is the mobile force, and everything you're seeing now is the holding force in action.


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