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Thread by @BryanDeanWright: "You want to know why I'm a Democrat who goes to bat for the President and is happy to sling arrows at his own pater the Nov 2016 elections, my party should have accepted the loss (no excuses: Hillary sucked), been a faith […]"

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the Secretary-General that “[c]urrent climate policies pointlessly and grievously undermine the economic system, putting lives at risk in countries denied access to affordable, reliable electrical energy.”"

"The European Climate Declaration sent as part of the letter to Guterres was drafted by climate ambassadors from 14 countries. The official presentation of the Declaration (including the release of the full list of signees) will be held in Oslo on October 18"

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I’m not a typical user for email automation. Consulting is high touch and time intensive. But Outreach and follow ups? I rather have a program help with these tasks while I’m slammed with client work.

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One of the best deals that I’ve found for sending “mass” emails (automating follow-ups). Here’s the deal with me referral code:

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All #spacebear hosted #pixelfed instances have now been upgraded to 0.10.6.

This upgrade includes improved mobile app support and bug fixes. For more detailed changelog please read:

If you'd like mobile app support enabled for your instance, please reach out.

If you don't have an instance and would like one, please check out:
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Brian Cates on Twitter:

"Everybody go read this.

This is what real investigative journalism looks like.

Mindy has exposed a fraud here.

That's a real public service."

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"I'm looking for a supermodel who doesn't mind my heavy drinking and knows how to cook. Why can't I find her?" - The war for talent

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I've said that Trump is a touchstone and diagnostic tool for mental illness.

But he's something else.

Trump is a measuring device.

He measures your individuality.

Your ability to withstand the siren song of groupthink.

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Upgraded all #spacebear hosted #pixelfed instances to the latest and greatest version 0.10.4

Notable changes include:
* Language preference is saved in the DB meaning across devices you will be able to use the language you want and it persists.
* Mobile app support (I believe @fedilab has the most robust support so far)
* Welsh translations added
* Bug fixes

For more details please see the full changelog at:

Thanks to @pixelfed / @dansup for making these upgrades quick and painless, and for growing the fediverse.

A note: Your instance may still report itself as 0.10.3, however I assure you if you are hosted by me you have been upgraded to 0.10.4.

Any issues, please let me know.

If you don't have a #pixelfed instance and want your own, please check out
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For @dmk

You wrote, "If this Democratic primary were part of a fictional story, I would dismiss it as too outlandish and not remotely credible as a plot."

I answered, "That's your proof that Trump is in control."

It reminded me of a short story titled "Witness."


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@ThomasWic @RPL

My impression is that neither Biden or Warren can get the nomination. Which is fine because out of the frontrunners, the person I think Trump would want to run against the most is....

Kamala Harris.

Because not only is she immensely unlikable & uncharismatic, her running would allow him direct access to talking about an entire host of issues that energize his base in a way that Biden and Warren don't as much.

Sanctuary cities

CA is a mess.

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Not that I’m a proponent of Reducto ad Hitlerum, but Dinesh makes a bone chilling point.

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