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The Fake MANMADE #GlobalWarming scam has been busted. The #IPCC's top henchman has been found guilty of fraud with the IPCC's fake Hockey Stick.
The realistic temperature timeline, based on real data, is the lower graph.

Mann sued Ball for defamation. In the hearing the judge wanted certain documents from Mann. The judge dismissed the case when Mann failed to provide those documents.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai
Brian & Epoch Times as well as many MAGA Supporters were ID'd by a #Resistance Account who complied them all in a LIST for the WOKE to Target.
So far 100's have thanked him for the "To FOLLOW" List.

This is absolutely hilarious!
Real audio taken from this Democratic Socialist Convention made into a Southpark episode.
πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ 🀣

Equifax, Marriott Hotels, Google+, Cathay Pacific Airways… the list of data breaches goes on and on. Here’s what you can do to reduce the likelihood your data will be exposed in the next breach:

You won't hear this on the big networks, folks! Our POWERFUL interview with a Vietnamese supporter of President Trump tonight in New Hampshire. FAKE NEWS doesn't want you to know that people of all races and backgrounds support our President- and that's why he will win BIG in 2020!

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I just learned about Effie Gray, a British painter's model who married the famous art critic John Ruskin.

He married her based on the paintings he'd seen. As he told his lawyer, he had no idea what a woman's body was like, so he was unable to consummate the marriage.

It was her face he loved, not HER.

She got an annulment after he became abusive.

A cautionary tale about fantasy versus reality.

Thread by @ASimplePatriot: "The Obama Years: A Legacy Of Scandal And Deception… The Obama Solyndra Scandal The Ons Affairs Scandal The Obama Operation Chokepoint Scandal The Obama Gibson Guitar Scandal The O […]" #CROOKEDPRESIDENT

A neighbor’s accounts have been hacked. Email, banking, the whole shebang. Her accounts continues to be hacked for weeks after the initial discovery.

Shadow IT is your "real" IT. It's the software and hardware your employees pick to be productive.

We're making it easier to share your photos.

The redesigned ComposeUI will be released this week, we think you will like it.


God, I love this man.
Thread by @drawandstrike: "Note how much this saves the US taxpayers from just the **legal** immigrants that want back in that have been on wne what happens when all the illegals have their welfare cut off. Here's the press briefing from a short whil […]"

All #spacebear hosted #pixelfed instances have now been upgrade to allow for following of remote profiles.

See for instructions on how to follow others.

If you'd like your own pixelfed instance and need hosting check out

On this date in innovation history:

Hedy Lamarr receives a patent with composer George Antheil in 1942 for her invention of frequency hopping wireless communication technology, which is the basis of all cellphone & wifi technologies today.

In 1997, the Electronic Frontier Foundation gave her its prestigious Pioneer Award, three years before her death in Orlando, Florida on January 19, 2000 at age 86.

My personal house-wide ad-blocker. Powered by a Raspberry Pi and Pi-hole.
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