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Please STOP, stop, stop using #Google #reCaptcha on your websites!
You are giving away your visitors' #privacy and they cannot even opt-out and avoid it if they want to reach your contents.
#privacyMatters #webdevelopment

Steve Goddard Tweet
31 years ago today, @NASA's James Hansen started the global warming scam before Congress. He got all of his predictions wrong, but did succeed in bringing tens of billions of dollars in junk science research money into academia. Oddly enough, the recipients have remained silent

Do you enjoy following someone's own posts, but they boost a lot of stuff you don't care about?

Did you know you can just mute their boosts without muting their posts?

1. Go to their profile page

2. Click on the menu button (the three dots in a column)

3. Click on "Hide boosts from..."

(Note: this only works with Mastodon accounts.)

#MastoTips #Mastodon

I will be starting the upgrade to v2.9.0 for all Mastodon instances hosted on

There should be less than 1 minute of downtime.

You can read about the release here: or the changelog here:

All #spacebear hosted #pixelfed instance have been upgraded with the most recent federation updates.

When you're reading a thread full of content warnings in Mastodon, do you get annoyed at having to open each warning one by one?

There's a really easy way to open all the warnings in a thread at once:

1. Go to the thread
2. Click on the eye-shaped icon in the top right corner to toggle all warnings open or closed

That's it!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

(1) Thread on ways to fact check stuff.

Question: What does the term critical thinking mean?

A: Criticizing someone


B: Thinking about a piece of information with a critical eye; questioning what it means and how credible the information is.

We are working on a new instance config to make it easier to customize your instance.

More details will be announced shortly!

Starting an upgrade of #spacebear #pixelfed instances to 0.9.4. I will do instances individually, and if any downtime is required it will be minimal. Watch here for completion notice.

Tweet from @stevesgoddard

Deaths from extreme weather and climate are down 98% in the US over the past century. The crisis we face is politicians ... misrepresenting history and science, and behaving like snake oil sales

After yesterday's drama, some positive news: it's #FollowFriday πŸŽ‰

🍻 @GetTogetherComm GetTogether: Free open alternative to

πŸ“Έ @anfora Anfora: Federated alternative to Flickr, looking for help with continuing development

🐦 @lubuntu Lubuntu: Lightweight version of Ubuntu, helps bring older machines back to life

☁️ @ownclouders Owncloud: Free open alternative to Google Drive

:blobsunglasses: @TommyWiseau Tommy Wiseau: Yes, it really is him

Previous #FF:

Statement of the evening:

β€œIf we had confidence that Robert Mueller didn’t murder those hookers, we would have said so”"


Class of '90 here! Worked full time and paid my way through college.....I actually feel bad for kids now.

The university I graduated from (top 5 vet/pre med program) has now turned into a LA gender studies factory.

I still have time but major hesitations about sending my kids to the propaganda factories.

@mariel @JM @Buddy @Elaines2cents

BNL News ---

DEVELOPING: As ratings plummet, CNN has been forced to fire essentially all of their London correspondents, shutting down London coverage/programs, asking them to re-apply for a job.

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