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If you have the chance, this interview with Victor Davis Hanson is worth a listen.

"the greatest irony in Trump's Presidency, he was falsely accused of colluding with Russia by people who were actually colluding with Russia"

Remember this image when your Fake News source says "Heavily Redacted."

Our President appeared on the News to graciously offer to re-locate illegal immigrants streaming across the border to California Sanctuary cities. Oddly, the man responsible for turning San Francisco in a Sanctuary β€œs-ithole” is VERY upset. Indeed, Governor Gavin Newsom turned bright red as he called Mr. Trump β€œless than human” on national TV. I burst out laughing.

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I was fortunate to follow the scientific route & got a degree in physics where logical thinking is required.

I've spent most of my career doing significant software development with computers. Logical thinking is required if you want to create successful products that actually work. It is also required if you want to find the causes of problems & fix them.

Many never learn technical disciplines...

Here's a gem I picked up recently for my "the earth will end in 12 years" friends. A graphic of the Northern Hemispheres average temps since the last ice age 11.000 years ago. One of the 5 ice ages in the billions of years earth has been around.

Check out the marvelous accomplishments during temps twice as today.

Reminder: Privacy is your right. You shouldn't be exploited for using the internet. #privacy #humanrights

β€œDemand is unprecedented for SAP solutions overall.”

Yet, they laid off 4,000 people recently. πŸ™„ I’ve learned to read these articles with a critical eye.

Looking for a hosting service? I highly recommend by @tklk . Frequently updated and highly affordable. πŸŽ‰

"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence"

-- Charles Bukowski

Asking for email passwords to "verify" new accounts is obviously a bad idea. So why did Facebook do it?

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