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Every time my paper straw breaks down before I can finish my drink ... I think of my 0.012 contribution πŸ™„

Terrence rips Georgia state Rep Erica Thomas - tells her she’s crazy and needs to resign after she walks back her hate hoax statement. I agree with Terrence! What a sad state of affairs for America when we have elected officials carrying out hate hoaxes!

We previously created a comprehensive guide to Internet privacy that details how to keep companies and hackers away from your data. We have now updated the guide with additional tips and information.

If you want to have your own #PixelFed instance but don't want to do any of the technical stuff, there's a managed hosting service you can use called #Spacebear:

You can follow Spacebear on here:


(They also provide #PeerTube instances.)

#Instagram #Alternatives

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Been there.

Ours was caused by an obstruction preventing the door from sealing.

It sucked it air and froze the passage way to the fridge. The freezer was cold but not the fridge.

Defrosting fixed it. It only took a day or two for the block of ice to form.

It was a pizza box corner that stuck out a bit too far.

Perfect opportunity to clean the inside of the fridge.

You've got this.

Do you know what to do if border agents try to search your phone? If you're traveling out of the country this summer, check out our guide to protecting your device at border crossings.

"There is no amount of regulation, transparency, or oversight that will fix the dangers inherent in widespread face surveillance. Only a full ban β€” a federal ban, covering the use of facial recognition by government agencies, in public places, and in public contracts with private entities β€” can prevent our nightmares from becoming reality."
.onion: bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onion/article

If you're looking for an easy-to-use, privacy-friendly alternative to Microsoft's Skype, you might want to try Jami:

You can also follow them on here at:


It's free, open and distributed, and available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

It has no servers, calls are connected directly peer-to-peer over an encrypted connection.

#Jami #Skype #Alternatives #VOIP #DeleteMicrosoft

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Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Perhaps Berkeley can refer to these as "Liberal Holes?"

Berkeley to remove gendered language like "manhole" from municipal code

In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast we discuss porn trolling lawyers, LED data leaks, Instagram hacking, tiny Tom Cruise, and much much more with special guest @maria !

It's not all filth.

If you've read and are considering running your own, check out

It's a project which aims to make self-hosting more accessible. All the major federated platforms are available to install via a friendly user interface.


Support is available over at

#yunohost #self-hosting #hbsc

Woo! New version of #pixelfed (v0.10) is now out. If you're on a hosted #spacebear instance it is in the process of rolling out to you now.

Come on guys, let's give @JPEG some better reviews to compensate for the Gabbers trying to sabotage him:

Pick the most meaningful task and get that done today.

Consistently doing one important daily thing beats dragging 50 JIRA tickets to Done.

11. This was significant, because the Summerlin area, which is in the Westernmost end of the valley. isn’t as solidly red as it once was.

A lot of virtue signaling suburbanites are moving into those newer homes and apartments. Also our state GOP prefers to do voter reg up in Elko, as if that area wasn’t red enough.

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